Welcome To The Official "OtterCraft" Server Store!

Via the packages page, you can buy our packages, which will expand your experience on the server, and unlock multiple useful features.


What do we offer?

At current point we offer ranks and cosmetics.


Why should I buy a rank? 

The age old question, "Why should I get it?"... Unlike other servers, our ranks are fairly priced. Upon purchase you are unlocking a new set of features and permissions that will expand your gameplay and overall experience. Gaining access to more /homes, custom names, and etc. not only makes life easier, but it also helps support our server. Your purchases/donations go directly into making our service better.


Do I need to buy a rank? 

Not at all. Sure, you won't have some of the cool features that they get, but you can still play the game at it's same potential. Vip is something for people who wish to expand their gameplay further, and help support us. It's not going to give them any specific power over non-vip's, as we are not a pay-to-win server.